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Classification Based in size:-

Nowadays, computers are available in different sizes and with different capabilities. On the basis if storage capacity of speed of processing information computers are classified into:
1. Super computers
2. Mainframe computers
3. Mini computers
4. Micro computers

1.Super computers
They are most powerful and expensive. They have extremely large storage capacities and processing speed is at least 10 times faster than other computers. They are big machines, Inside super computers, they are several smaller computers, each of which can work on different parts of a work simultaneously. It can calculate about 400 million numbers every second, and result is always exactly correct Classification Based in size:-

2.mainframe computers
They are medium or large machines , made of several units connected together . Mainframe computers are generally used in big organizations and government departments for large-scale date processing. Their processing capabilities vary from computers to computers ranging to million of bytes per second.Classification Based in size:- computers

They are like small mainframes, They consist of an few separate units connected together. They can be also maintained and operated by people who are not computer experts. They can process information at the rate of 4 million bytes per second.Classification Based in size:-

4.micro computers
They are the smallest general-purpose computers. They are about the same size as of Typewriter, they contain a small CPU, normally called a microprocessor.

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